Annually, the tournament attracts upwards of 15-20 teams ranging in age and skill to participate in a tournament that spans 1 weekend. The tournament draws close to 250 -300 participants, youths and adults from across Ontario, in a competitive spirit and in the spirit of community building.

Tournament Objectives

The key objectives of holding a Cricket tournament for our Jamat are to:

  • Promote cricket in the Ismaili community
  • Hold an Outdoor and Indoor annual cricket tournament in Ontario
  • Create an atmosphere where families and athletes come together to enjoy a wonderful cricket weekend
  • Encourage participation of Ismaili Youth
  • Showcase the inherent cricket talent within the Ontario Ismaili community
  • Encourage this sport with health benefits including building endurance and stamina, and improved hand–eye co-ordination.
  • Encourage networking among participants, volunteers, and spectators