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Minor Premier Cup 2017 – Waiver Form


Rules & Regulations

1 General Rules
2 Batting Rules
3 Bowling Rules
4 Schedule

1. General Rules

• Split group into 2 even teams

• If there is an odd number one player will be selected as a runner

• Number of overs in a match will depend on the division squad size for that particular group. No changes will be made to the number of overs in case of no show of any player in that particular category

2. Batting Rules

• Each pair bats for 2 overs regardless of how many times they are out

• Each batsman will face 3 consecutive deliveries and batters are swap even if a batter misses or have faced three consecutive deliveries in a row

• Runs are scored like traditional cricket: running between wickets, boundary 4s and 6s, byes and leg byes

• Wide-balls and No-balls both are worth 2 runs and are counted as legal delivery

3. Bowling Rules

• Each player bowls 1 over of 6 deliveries – wide-balls and no-balls are not re- bowled.

• Batters can be out: caught, bowled, run out and stumped. Each wicket is worth 2 minus runs to the batting team

• Wide-balls are balls that pass the batter outside the marked cones on the offside. All deliveries on the legside of the stumps missing the batsman are wide balls

• No-balls are deliveries that bounce over a batter’s shoulders or pass above waist height on the full (without bouncing) or full front step in front of the crease.

4. Schedule

See detailed schedule published by ORGANIZER for more details on

Premier Cup – Rules & Regulations